Terms and Regulations



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I agree to accept the following Terms and Regulations during the full period of my stay at TDRC:

Time of Stay:

Minimum period of stay is 7 nights.

Maximum period of stay is according to the validity of the Visa.


There is no cost for the Detoxification, Rehabilitation and Lodging.

Personal Belongings and Money:

All Belongings:

I will deposit all my personal belongings at TDRC reception which will be kept in a safe.


I will convert an adequate sum of my money into “coupons”, equivalent to Baht, which will serve as currency to pay for food and articles of daily necessity within the TDRC.

The rest of my money will be kept in a safe at the TDRC reception.

Any other expenditures needed, I will withdraw from my deposit money. TDRC will record all deposit & disbursement transactions and these will be acknowledged and signed by me.

After my stay, TDRC will return to me all my belongings and the rest of my money including the equivalent of the remaining coupons in Baht.

Admission to the TDRC :

During pregnancy or after a recent surgery, the treatment is not recommendable.

Even having come to TDRC by my own free will, or having come through an organization, I will follow the instructions, according to what has been agreed between the organization, TDRC and myself.

Before starting with the treatment. I will attend the Mandatory Ceremony of Sajja.

I will give the Sacred Vow, not to consume, to encourage others to consume, or to promote drugs of any kind in the future. I will be informed about the content, the importance and the form of this ceremony.

In case of a relapse, I will not be accepted for a second treatment in the TDRC.

Rules and Sanctions:

I will respect the rules of the TDRC.

I will not smuggle in, procure, consume or promote any kind of drugs or medicine during the full length of my stay.

I will wear the clothing provided by the TDRC.

I will attend the mandatory parts of my treatment such as ” vomiting ” at least during 5 days, the daily steam bath, the herbal tea and pills and the meditation.

I will respect and follow the orders given by the personnel within the TDRC.

I am responsible for cleaning my clothes and the dormitory.

To go for walks or to work outside the TDRC is only permitted when a monk or a novice accompanies me.

In case of violation of these rules or of any delinquent behavior, TDRC has the full right to :

  • Warn the patient
  • Expel the patient
  • Hand the patient over to the police
  • Inform the patient’s embassy
  • Inform the patient’s relatives

Responsibility of the Patient:

I am fully responsible for my nourishment hygiene and health.

I am fully responsible for financial compensation of any damage I might involuntarily or voluntarily produce.

Responsibility of TDRC :

TDRC is free to accept or refuse patients for rehabilitation.

TDRC is responsible for my lodging, and for my rehabilitation.

Problems :

If have medical problems, I will contact a monk. Personal problems can be reported and discussed with one of the monks in charge.

In case of an accident or of my death, TDRC does not have to take any responsibility and therefore cannot and will not be sued in any way.

I have read, understood and accepted these TERMS AND REGULATIONS.

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Witness(es) (Signature)

Donations have to be put in an envelope and put into one of the donation boxes.