Rules & Conditions

Rules & Conditions

Course of Detoxification at the Wat Thamkrabok

Upon arrival at the Wat Thamkrabok you will be required to undergo the admission formalities. This includes signing papers which state that you understand the rules and conditions which apply throughout your stay. That you commit yourself to faithfully and fully comply with those rules and conditions.

The Rules and the Conditions

All must take a Sajja (a sacred Vow) never to use addictive substances for the remainder of their life, and must complete all admission formalities.

The duration of the course of detoxification is seven nights, and until this is completed you will not be permitted to exit the course.

During the first five days:

All must take the liquid herbal medicine once a day. This will expel the toxins from the body.

All must, and as directed, take two herbal tablets daily. These will also assist in expelling the toxins from the body.

All must take a herbal medicine/tonic and steambath daily. This combination will further cleanse and refresh the body.

The final two days of the course are for resting and recuperation, and will be spent in the Detox Center. The daily steambath procedure will still be a requirement.

Throughout the entire course all patients will be restricted to the Detox Center.

Upon application, and providing the conduct of the applicant has not been a cause for concern, an extended stay at the Wat Thamkrabok may be granted. Those wishing to stay beyond the course period of seven days will be required to reside within the Detox Center.

During the first fifteen days at the Wat Thamkrabok they may exit the Detox Center, for the sole purpose of working under the supervision of the Monks.

All are responsible for their personal hygiene and cleanliness, and must accept full responsibility for the cleanliness and tidiness of their sleeping quarters and washrooms.

The Monks and Nuns who supervise and care for you are committed to their chosen task.

They devote their skills and time for the wellbeing and eventual freedom of addiction of all that enter the Detox Center. They also have their Buddhist Monastic duties and responsibilities.

Their commitments, and their station in life, are to be respected.

Whilst at the Wat Thamkrabok you may meet people from other parts of the world seeking the same result as yourself. Whatever their race, sex, colour or religion – you are required to respect them as we expect them to respect you

Insurance is compulsory. All international patients need to arrange insurance against sickness and accident prior to departing from their place of residence.

For the first five days you are not allowed to contact anybody.

You can make telephone calls in the office after you have been in the detox center five nights. Telephone Calls are permitted on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

You can also write emails in the computer room after you have been in the detox center five nights.The internet days are on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Concepts of the Detoxification and Rehabilitation Methods Employed at Wat Thamkrabok

  • We use a Sajja (a sacred Vow) to give the patients confidence and power to be freed from their respective addictions.
  • We use work for the purpose of rehabilitation of the mind and the body. In Buddhism we believe that working within a Monastery or Temple will earn merit.
  • Food and drinks for the patients are available within the detoxification area, and patients are required to make their own purchases.
  • No charges whatsoever are sought for the services provided by the Monks and Nuns.

Suitability, Duration and Fees of the Rehabilitation

The patients have to contact the temple using the contact form before planning a journey to Wat Thamkrabok.

The patients are expected to arrive to the temple on the day they have declared when contacting the temple. They need to inform the temple in case of any problem which makes the arrival impossible on the given check-in date.

The patients have to declare their health conditions when contacting the temple for an admission. Having contacted the temple does not mean that you will be accepted as a patient. The last decision for an admission will be given by a high monk upon arrival. Those who did not declare their health conditions clearly may be refused to be accepted in Wat Thamkrabok.

Wat Thamkrabok has the right of refusal and of dismissal of the client.

The detoxification at Wat Thamkrabok is suitable for teenagers and adults with problems of alcohol and drug abuse.

People who have undergone stomach surgery, or any stomach condition, such as peptic ulcer cannot be accepted to this detox.

The detoxification is not recommendable during pregnancy and after recent surgery.

The patients should chose to go through this detoxification by their own will and in full responsibility for themselves and their actions.

The patient should have full insurance coverage and enough cash in order to pay unexpected expenses, such as the costs for the visit in a hospital or at the dentist’s.

The minimal duration for the detoxification cure is 8 days (7 nights).

During the time of the detoxification, the patient has to live inside the compound of the detox center.

Tudong (The Pilgramage) starts every year on April 1. The patients cannot enter the detox center after March 9 every year.


  • Drug substitutes, like methadone and subutex require a far longer time for detoxification than one month. There is usually a very long period of sleeplessness. Methadone should slowly have been reduced down to about 30 ml before coming to Wat Thamkrabok. The withdrawal pains from methadone can be severe, thus another extraordinary challenge for the client.
  • The detoxification and the rehabilitation in Wat Thamkrabok are free.
  • The patients have to pay for their food (Costs: in average 200 Baht minimum per day).

Information for the Patients

1. Public taxis are available from the Suvarnabhumi airport. Please check Directions Page for details.

There is also a pick-up service for Thai Baht 2,500 from the airport to Wat Thamkrabok. The latest flight the taxi will pick up from the airport is 7 pm.

2. Admission office is opened every day from 10 am to 4 pm.

The last admission is at 4 pm. If you cannot arrive by that time, please make arrangement to stay in a hotel (Bangkok or Phra Puttabat) and come to the Temple at 10 am the following morning.

3. The minimum stay is 7 nights.  You may stay longer with the permission of the high monk in the Admission Office.

4. Once you check into the detox center you cannot contact the outside world until you have been here for 5 days.

You may use your own cellphone in the Administration Office or the office telephone on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

You may use the internet in the Computer Room on Tuesday and Thursday. The use of the cellphone is limited for the use in the Administration Office only. You shall not use your cellphone on internet days. Please note down your email passwords before coming to the temple.

5. You may not take any “outside” medication – prescribed or otherwise – during your stay at Wat Thamkrabok. Therefore, all outside medication should be tapered-off under medical supervision in order to be drug free for at least 7 days prior to starting detoxification.

If your medication cannot be tapered off, then you are not a suitable candidate for this detoxification.

People who have previously taken or who are currently taking medication for psychosis cannot be accepted.

6. Medical insurance is compulsory. The patients need to have their medical insurance documents printed out prior to check in. Having the medical insurance document saved in the cellphone will be not accepted.

7. If you have been to Thamkrabok before do not try to come with a new name. This is a one time only detox. You will not be accepted for a second time.

8. According to the Thai Immigration Act, Wat Thamkrabok is required to report all patients to the Thai Immigration Office. We will make copies of the passport and the departure card which is filled in during the arrival in the Kingdom of Thailand. The patient is responsible to keep their departure card until the departure from the Kingdom of Thailand. The patient has to show their departure card at check-in in Wat Thamkrabok.