The Founders of Thamkrabok
Luang Poh Charoen Panchand
Luang Poh Yaai
Luang Poh Chamroon
Luang Poh Charoen Parnchand
Luang Poh Yaai Luang Poh Chamroon Parnchand


In the temple, there are about 100 monks (“Phra” dark brown robe) and 15 nuns (“Mae Shee”).

The monks and the nuns have built all the buildings, streets  and monuments within the temple, themselves.

They eat their only meal of the day at 7 a.m.

There is a “chanting” (melodic recitation of sacred  texts) every day at 6.30 p.m.

One of the main activities in the temple is the world-famous drug rehabilitation.

According to the monks’ practice, the inhabitants of the temple undertake a pilgrimage by foot every year, which is called a “Tudong”. This event starts 1st. of April every year. During that period the rehabilitation center is closed.

Short History of Wat Thamkrabok

Luang Poh Yaai

Luang Poh Yaai

Wat Thamkrabok is situated at Moo (village) 11 Paholyothin Road, Tambon Khun Klone, Amphoe Phra Puttabat, Saraburi. Founded in the year 1957.

Luang Poh Yaai, Phra Ajahn Chamroon Parnchand and Phra Ajahn Charoen Parnchand together with a few monks went on Tudong (pilgrimage) which is a yearly activity. At first this group of monks stayed at Wat Klong Mao Thamkoson in Lopburi. While this group of monks was on Tudong they came to Pong Prab Mountain Range, Phra Puttabat, Saraburi. They felt that this place, Thamkrabok is good for them to come and practice. They left Wat Klong Mao Thamkoson to come and live at the place they found, Thamkrabok. Later, followers asked them to stay on and bought land and built dwellings for them. At that time the place was known as Thamkrabok Monastery, or Thamkrabok Drug Detoxification and Rehabilitation Center.

In the year 1970 Luang Poh Yaai passed away.

Luang Poh Charoen left on his Tudong to many places. He founded a Monastery in Amphoe Chaibadan, Lopburi.

Phra Ajahn Chamroon became the Head of Thamkrabok Monastery.

In 1975 Luang Poh Chamroon received a Magsaysay Award from the Philippines.

In the year 1981 Luang Poh Charoen came back fromm his Tudong to stay at Thamkrabok Monastery.

Luang Poh Charoen did most of the construction in Thamkrabok Monastery.

Luang Poh Chamroon passed Away in the year 1999.

Luang Poh Charoen became the Abbot of Thamkrabok Monastery.

Luang Poh Charoen passed away in the year 2008.

Phra Ajahn Boonsong was elected the Abbot of Thamkrabok Monastery.

Thamkrabok Monastery became Wat Thamkrabok in the year 2012.

Phra Atikarn Vichien Kittiwanno is the first Abbot of Wat Thamkrabok.