Thamkrabok: The Monastery of the Opium Pipe

In the jungles of Thailand lies a monastery devoted to helping drug addicts kick their habit. The methods used, which include drinking an herbal mixture that induces vomitting and taking a sajja, vow of action, are controversial and unique. Monks use

Thai Meth Epidemic and Vomit Rehab

Thailand is in the midst of epidemic. Due to its affordability, ‘yaba’ has supplanted heroin as the golden triangle’s main product and now Thailand is dealing with a generation hooked on this new and dangerous form of meth. VICE Jap

Earth Rhythm

This music reflects life and the orders given by the earth. It also testifies the karmic law that ‘the action never dies’. According to the nature of the cosmos, nothing ever gets lost. The effects of all kinds of forms, sounds, flavours and tast


An anime-movie about Wat Thamkrabok. It’s in Thai language, but still very interesting to watch.

Official Thamkrabok Monastery Video

Official Thamkrabok Monastery Video